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When is the best time to go on a Botswana safari?

Firstly, lets give some general info about Botswana: the country is renowned for its pristine wilderness areas characterized by deep lagoons, wetlands, lush palms, rugged hills and desert plains scattered with scrubland. The country’s primary tourist draw card is undoubtedly the vast red expanse of the Kalahari Desert and its remarkably beautiful Okavango Delta, the largest inland delta in the world. These natural wonders provide a tranquil haven for an abundance of African wildlife to thrive. Other highlights include the impressive Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, where visitors are privy to massive zebra migrations during the flood season; the Savuti plains, which host large prides of lions; and the Tsodilo Hills,

Okavango Delta safari in Botswana

In the heart of the great Kalahari Desert lies a remarkable oasis, an immense Delta called the Okavango.

Around 22 000 square kilometers becoming visible from space surrounded by the desert, one of the driest places on earth; the Okavango delta is a sanctuary for a natural world

Wildbeest's Mara river crossing: the last remaining mega migrations of the planet

Wildbeest's Mara river crossing: the last remaining mega migrations of the planet

It's the greatest wildlife spectacle on earth, the wildebeest great migration through the Serengeti!


African Safari top destinations

African Safari top destinations

Welcome to African Safari top destinations by Eagles Rock!.

In this article you are going to learn where to go on your African safari, what animals you'll see, the best time to go, accommodations, the best luxury packages, insiders tips and so much more.



Namibia's fashinating places to visit

Namibia's fashinating places to visit

Let's imagine after a year of work and after years of restrictions from Pandemic that we want to take a vacation to Africa in search of uncontaminated places and not altered by the passage of time, but ... the question arises, where to go?

The answer can come first of all from how we want to live this journey. If we are looking for an intimate experience, where what matters is not the destination but us as the protagonists of the holiday Africa has a huge offer for experiential tourism which is the trend of recent years.

Biking in Namibia

Mountain bike Namibia adventure: 14 Days biking into the infinite

Don't worry, this is not a marathon bikes for Elite riders, instead Eagles Rock wants to give the possibility to discover Namibia and its unique and enchanting places even to those who are not equipped with great skills but above all without sacrificing comfort. This tour has therefore been designed for most people who love to ride in unspoiled places and with breathtaking views instead of always travelling seated in a tour vehicle.

purros lodge in Namibia

What is Glamping?

Eagles rock Tours & Safaris has designed a new tour based on a current trend in travels called "Glamping". Below you will find the details for the tour:

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But....what is Glamping?

"Spectacular, unspoilt nature meets modern luxury and comfort." This definition of glamping has established itself permanently in the World Wide Web for at least the last two decades.

purros lodge in Namibia

Best digital detox lodges in Namibia

Eagles Rock Tours & Safari never tires of offering unique and bespoke experiences for you; this time we have selected some of the best digital detox lodges in Namibia; we think they are perfect to reconnect yourself to the nature and change the way you perceive the world!. If you are planning a relaxing safari in Africa you should take into consideration a digital detox tour and disconnect from your tech-life leaving all tech gadgets behind!

1) Onduli Ridge Lodge

Digital detox holiday in Namibia 2022 - Reconnect with yourself

Namibia is one of the best places on the planet for your digital detox vacations, period!.

We have become slaves of technology, always connected and stuck in the routine of computers,