EAGLES ROCK TOURS AND SAFARIS is a leading Namibian inbound tour operator specialized in catering for the needs and demands of the discerning international travellers. Apart from individual and tailor-made itineraries it offers group tours, incentive packages, honeymoon travels, special interest tours and many more. Its destinations outside Namibia include Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania.
ERT & S promotes and pursues a socially and ecologically responsible tourism that protects and preserves the diversity of Africa’s traditions and cultures, trying to avoid invasive practices, but facilitating cross-cultural friend- and partnerships. ERT&S refrains from potentially damaging activities to the environment that may harm ecologically sensitive areas, and finally to support local self-help initiatives and cooperatives in any form by including them in its itineraries whenever possible. Eagles Rock Tours & Safaris ensures that its itineraries reflect this policy towards sensitive tourism in Africa.
Eagles Rock Tours & Safaris has designed a wide range of African t travel experiences that are aimed to offer you an unforgettable bespoke holiday of a lifetime. Our combined 80 years of expertise as destination management experts specialised in tailor-made travel packages warrants that you only get the best and most suited solution you can expect for your unique holiday in Africa.
Offering impeccable advice and organization of the itinerary, creating the difference between what is obvious and what is special.