Matthias Bleks’, the founder’s passion for Africa and his vast knowledge of southern Africa led to the establishment of Eagles Rock Tours & Safaris in 1997.

The meticulously trained and highly motivated team of experts he assembled falls back on accumulated 130 years’ experience that is available to the guests of Eagles Rock Tours & Safaris in planning their vacation in Namibia and its neighbouring countries.

The Eagles Rock team’s expertise ensures that each journey anywhere in southern Africa is uniquely individual for guests who want to explore the country living like a local, who appreciate cultural adventures such as discovering the ancient traditions of the San (Bushmen) people. Who desire to reduce their carbon footprint by travelling sustainably, decide for a digital detox experience, or value a voyage to enhance their physical and spiritual well-being. The team’s attention to detail safeguards that generational travel is a rewarding experience for all ages, from the little explorers to juvenile travellers and parents as well as grand parents alike.

When Matthias Bleks started his career as a tour guide in 1979, journeys in Namibia were still an adventure. The internet, and Google Maps, did not exist and Global Positioning Systems or GPS were still being tested by and reserved for the American Defence Department. Most roads were not numbered and indications were given like “drive from point A for 50 km, and when you see a Camelthorn tree with to crowns, you will find the turnoff to Point B on your left”. Self-drive tourism did not exist and tours were conducted mostly in non-air conditioned coaches and minibuses.

Most hotels and lodges travellers find today near or in Namibia’s many attractions such as the Namib Desert, Damaraland or the areas of around Etosha were not even planned, and Sossusvlei was not yet accessible. When it opened its gates to the public in 1983, Matthias was the second tour guide to visit it with his guests. Etosha National Park closed its gates at the end of October with the onslaught of the rain season and reopened in March towards the end of the wet spell.

When Namibia became independent in 1990, the area north of Etosha formerly known as Ovamboland was touristic terra incognita. Matthias guided extensively in the past war zone, and opening the route for tourism in Ovamboland and Caprivi. He travelled in Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa, expanding his knowledge base to the country’s neighbouring states. Today the founder looks back at over 40 years alone in tourism in Namibia and its neighbouring countries.

With this background and foundation, Eagles Rock Tours & Safaris is on the avant-garde where reconnecting with nature comes naturally in Namibia and the team has all the necessary ingredients to guarantee that your journey in Africa becomes an elevating experience for body mind and soul.
Eagles Rock Tours & Safaris has designed a wide range of African travel experiences that are aimed to offer you an unforgettable bespoke holiday of a lifetime. Our combined 80 years of expertise as destination management experts specialised in tailor-made travel packages warrants that you only get the best and most suited solution you can expect for your unique holiday in Africa.
Offering impeccable advice and organization of the itinerary, creating the difference between what is obvious and what is special.