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You can choose from a wide range of activities:
Horse Riding, Trekking, Hiking, Fat Biking, Mountain Biking, Quad, Sandboarding, Hang Gliding, Paragliding, Parachuting, Ultralight Flight / Piloting, Kayaking, Line Fishing, Fly Fishing, Bow Hunting, Surfing and Kite Surfing, Caving, Desert trips with 4x4 vehicles, Archery, Stargazing, Canoe and rafting, Birding.

We decided to divide it into three groups that correspond to the elements of mother nature

Discover the African wilderness with all your senses through game drives, bush walks, horseback safaris or a hot air balloon ride. While walking safaris offer a particularly intense experience of the unique flora and fauna, classic game drives and fast quad bike tours allow you to explore vast areas in a short time.

During an ascent in a hot air balloon, on idyllic excursions by boat or on horseback, you will get to know the beautiful wilderness from completely new perspectives and you will approach the wildlife gently and almost in silence. Walking with the San, the indigenous people of southern Africa, provides other impressions of a fascinating ancient culture.

Once you choose to explore the African continent, it is up to you to decide exactly how you want to achieve this. There is an incredible range of choices about how active (or not) you can be each day.

Please note that every single activity included in your safari will enhance your experience and is selected by our expert according to what you share with us in the planning process of your safari. What all activities have in common: professional guides accompany you and your group, show you the most beautiful places and share their expert knowledge of overwhelming nature with you.


A typicall day on an african safari: game drives

What is a game drive? Well it's an adventure excursion by 4 x 4 vehicle guided by expert and qualified guide inside animal's natural habitat! It's an exciting experience and maybe the common way, to explore the wilderness. A game drive allow you to get unic and amazing views of wildlife!

Exciting night game drives for a thrilling experience

If you like exiciting and unforgettable experiences, night game drives are for you!. It's another dimension where you can admire nocturnal predators like lions, leopards, hienas and others animals in their eternal struggle for survival. This thrilling experience will show you another perspective of this world!

Guided bush walks

If you are active and looking for action stretching your legs, guided bush walks are for you!. You will discover and savor the wilderness in its essence. Smells, sounds of the african bush will be an integral part of this experience.

Hiking & Trekking experience

Namibia is a hiker's paradise with epic landscapes that leave nature lovers breathless. For those dreaming of the challenge of a rugged, remote, self-guided adventure, or embarking on one of Namibia's many multi-day hiking trails.
Namibia offers some of Africa's best hikes, from leisurely strolls to challenging multi-day hikes over equally varied terrain. Rolling hills or steep mountains sectioned by steep ravines; smooth, cave-carved rocks that hide ancient works of art, and deep, cool canyons; incredibly high sand dunes; a wild coast patrolled by lone jackals.
Unlike guided nature walks, walking safaris are defined as a longer hike sometimes with more challenging terrain. Walking safaris in stunning environments can last a day or be part of multi-day treks that go "point-to-point" (but don't gain elevation like mountain climbing).

Bird watching - wildlife & photo tour

The search for colorful birds of all shapes and sizes is nothing short of breathtaking in Namibia. The diversity of species is surprising in certain locations, identifying endemic species is a special experience. Even those who just want to see African wildlife will be mesmerized by the amount of birds in the trees and bushveld. Most of the guides are familiar with the local and migratory species that populate their areas. Specialized bird watching guides can be arranged with advance notice.

Wellness - Yoga

Many travelers to Africa are surprised by the high quality spa services and wellness treatments available to them. From essential oil massages, meditation, yoga, Pilate and naturopathic / traditional cures, there are many ways to help you unwind on your safari. Usually, these services are subject to charges and can be booked upon arrival. If there is a spa or service you just want to try, please let us know so we can incorporate it into your travel experience.

Star Gazing

While in Namibia, be sure to give the skies more than just a glimpse. Whether it's around a roaring fire or on the porch of your accommodation, gaze in wonder at the blanket of stars that appear every night. With no ambient light, the night sky in rural areas is loaded with magic. Many camps have telescopes and areas dedicated to astronomy to introduce you to and see planets, moons and other celestial bodies.
Namibia is one of the best destinations in the world for stargazing. Its dark, clear night skies are among the most pristine in the world. The NamibRand Nature Reserve's private reserve has been designated "Gold Tier International Dark Sky Reserve" by the International Dark Sky Association. The NamibRand International Dark Sky Reserve was the second place on Earth designated with Gold Tier status due to its exceptionally dark skies. The NamibRand International Dark Sky Reserve was also the first International Dark Sky Reserve in developing countries and Africa.

Star bed - Sleep out

Sleep out in Namibia offers a stargazing experience unlike anywhere else in the world. There are few places in the world that can rival the Namibian night sky. The low population density in the bush and desert means little light pollution that interferes with observation of the sky. Only the sounds of animals in the night make you fall asleep. With luxurious tree houses, raised decks for sleeping, and star beds attached to your suite, there's a stargazing experience for everyone. If you want to push the boundaries of your comfort zone, how about spending a night under the stars with nothing between you and nature? Various lodges have become extremely creative in designing safe bush sleeping places, complete with amenities and bathrooms. From luxurious romantic platforms, to tree houses, to "private loungers", you can let yourself be lulled by the sounds of the African night in your "star bed." Note that these experiences are booked through specific lodges and are done in lieu of spending a night in the actual lodge.


It is romantic and nostalgic to float in the vast Namib Desert. In the pre-dawn light, you can observe your balloon being inflated with hot air. Climb into the basket with your professional pilot and listen for the loud hissing as the balloon slowly rises. As you sway peacefully and quietly over the desert and plains, the sun rises and you witness the life stirring below. Your pilot will point out natural landmarks and wildlife sightings while he will take you up or down, if conditions allow. Usually, the ascent in a hot air balloon is followed by a champagne breakfast in the bush before returning to your accommodation for a full day of safari activities.

Cultural exchange

Many travelers come to Namibia to see the wildlife, but most return home fascinated by the people they meet along the way. Opportunities for authentic cultural connections are available at every turn of your safari journey. Namibia is home to some of the oldest and most distinctive tribal communities in Africa; from San Bushmen to Ocher painted Himba and brightly colored Herero. Namibia is also the homeland of the Nama, one of the Khoikhoi peoples, a largely disappeared ethnic group; and the Damaras, with their unforgettable clicky language. Take the time to meet some of the tribal peoples of Namibia and you will add a fascinating and unforgettable human element to your wild desert adventures. Learn about local customs and folklore in the villages, savor a hearty locally prepared meal or meet artisans in a women's cooperative. Namibian hospitality is warm and welcoming.

Namibian food and wine

Eating and drinking in Namibia can be a real pleasure, especially for carnivores, as the country is famous for its excellent meat, especially game. Also on the coast, the Benguela Current ensures a wide choice of fresh fish. Culinary delights and drinks galore are available throughout the country and on safari. You may be surprised at the quality of the food and drinks you will find along your journey. Many properties pride themselves on the talent and innovation of their Indulge & Enjoy bush chef.

Boating and canoeing

Although Namibia is mostly an arid region, there are many reservoirs and rivers suitable for canoeing and rafting. Canoeing is also offered as an add-on activity on the Orange, Kunene and Okavango Rivers from the lodges located on the banks of these rivers. Sail from Walvis Bay to Pelican Point on a half-day tour in search of dolphins, leatherback turtles, and whales in their scenic natural habitat. Paddle your Kayak, in the sheltered calm waters of Walvis Bay. Enjoy the wonderful bird life, watch the sea lions playing and the dolphins swimming around you. See pelicans, cormorants and flamingos.

Riding safari

Namibia's stunning desert landscapes offer some of the most challenging trails in the world: the Namib Desert, Fish River Canyon, Damaraland and the Skeleton Coast - vast remote spaces, desert-adapted species and herds of wild horses. Most itineraries involve camping under starry skies, but there are some options with more comfortable accommodations.
Namibia is a technicolor dream landscape, a land of swirling apricot dunes and glistening white expanses, mirages and dust devils, black-faced impala and crimson breasted, with its rugged and spectacular landscapes will take your breath away. Out there, in the middle of nowhere, you will find a form of peace and tranquility that is so rare in today's world.
Horseback riding in Namibia is an African adventure that you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life.

Cycling - Mountainbike

Explore the beautiful desert scenery by bike, Namibia is a vast country with wide open spaces and endless skies. The sand dunes gradually turn into granite hills, while rocky outcrops give way to vast plains where elephants, giraffes and lions roam. Traveling through the wilderness by bicycle is undoubtedly one of the best ways to experience the varied landscape of this desert nation and there is also the unique experience of pedaling the sand dunes on a modified "fat" bike (Fat-Bike) . Discover the country's highlights and hidden secrets on two wheels, watch the sun rise over the world's tallest sand dunes.


The Namibian coast, washed by the Atlantic Ocean, in addition to hosting a large number of wrecks of shipwrecked ships, is also the destination of avid fishermen who try their hand here with different species of sharks and other predatory fish. Sport fishing in Namibia: from shark to tiger fish; in Namibia fishing is a very popular pastime: you can practice deep-sea fishing, angling near the Atlantic coast, while fly fishing is practiced in the fresh waters of the northern rivers and in the reservoirs. The best areas for shore line fishing are found along the stormy Atlantic coast, north of Swakopmund and up to the mouth of the Ugab River, while for deep-sea fishing trips you have to go to Swakopmund.
The cold Benguela Current, which flows from south to north, lapping the entire Namibian coast, carries a large quantity of plankton that triggers a gigantic food chain. In fact, the Atlantic waters in front of these coasts host a great variety and quantity of fish that are difficult to catch in other African states. Near the coast you can find: stingrays, Boccadoro, Steenbras snapper, sea catfish, hound shark, cow shark, bronze shark, black spotted gully shark, sandbar shark and many other minor species. World-class tiger fish fishing is found in the Zambezi and Okavango rivers.
If fishing is your thing then there are plenty of opportunities, both novice and experienced anglers will enjoy catching and releasing at some of the best fishing spots in the world in Namibian rivers, lakes and coastlines.

Extreme sports

Heart-pounding adrenaline activities are plentiful in Namibia. Traveling through Namibia is an adventure in itself, but there are many thrilling activities that can challenge even the most seasoned adventurers; Sand boarding, Kite surfing, Shark fishing, Rafting, Parachuting, Paragliding, Motorcycle, Rock climbing, Cave diving, are just some of them.

Namibia activities packages


Tok Tokkie Trail

Amongst the many walking activities Namibia has to offer the probably most rewarding hiking experience is the guided 3-days Tok-Tokkie Trail in the Namib Desert and private NamibRand nature Reserve.

Exploring the multitudinous facets of the Namib Desert on foot on the Tok-Tokkie Trail, indulging in the silence of the sand dunes and the open plains, with only the wind whistling in your ears and the gentle crunching of the sand under your feet as the only noise you hear, is a soul-soothing experience. Sleeping cosily under the cupola of the African star-studded night sky gives you the unique sensation of an all-embracing universe.

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Etendeka Mountain Trail

The Etendeka Mountain Trail meanders through the geometric landscape at the foothills of the Grootberg Massif characterized by the rust coloured basalt formation of the Etendeka Terraces. This rocky mountain desert is home to the world’s last free-roaming hook-lipped or black rhino and the unique desert-adapted elephant. With a bit of luck you will be able to see both on this three- or four-day hiking trail, with both options on offer.

Sleeping under the stars is unique experience not to be missed. The two overnight camps offer raised platforms to keep uninvited visitors away and guarantee an undisturbed night’s sleep under the starry Namibian sky. Feeling embraced by the universe and marvelling at the shiny Milky Way with its myriads of constellations will fill you with awe and peace of mind as you dream away.

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Saddle Hill 4 x 4 Excursion

This two-night, three days guided self-drive excursion is an exhilarating experience not for the faint-hearted. Driving through the untouched sea of sand of the southern Namib Desert lets you feel like an explorer discovering a new world.

During the three days, you will be able to put your 4x4 vehicle to the test as you drive over and amongst the dunes, and on the beach to the abandoned diamond mine of Saddle Hill and on to Spencer Bay to visit the “Otavi” shipwreck. As the guide will explain the techniques how to drive in the sand and on the dunes, even inexperienced 4x4 drivers will be able to participate in this adventure trip.

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EHRA Ugab River Treetop Base Camp

The perfect occasion and destination to slow down your pace and relax a few days in full nature and the rugged desert mountain region of Damaraland is EHRA Treetop base Camp in the Ugab River some 50 km north of Uis on the eastern outskirts of the Namib Desert.

Spend two exclusive nights in this self-catering camp, soaking up the sun, going for walks along the riverbed or enjoying the scenery of the Ugab River and marvel at the special visitors when herds of desert elephants come to quench their thirst at the manmade waterhole.

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Chobe Princess house boats on the Chobe River

There is nothing more soul soothing on this to nights, three days activity than sitting on the deck of a fully serviced houseboat on the Chobe River bordering Botswana and Namibia, sipping a drink as the riverine scenery slowly floats past, watching the animals appear from the bush, and quenching their thirst from the edges of the riverbank.
the experience to see herds of elephants swim across the river to reach the islands and feed on the lush grass. To observe the hippo playing in the shallow waters and snoring at the passing boat as you participate in a water-based photo safari on the river and marvel at the reflections of the bright red setting sun in the water.

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