Digital detox holiday in Namibia 2022 - Reconnect with yourself

Namibia is one of the best places on the planet for your digital detox vacations, period!.

We have become slaves of technology, always connected and stuck in the routine of computers,

tablets and smartphone notifications, so being able to relax has become increasingly difficult. This is why if we want holidays to be truly such, the best solution is the "digital detox", in other words detoxification from technology where gadgets are turned off, taken away.

But it isn't just to turn off or unplug devices, it's more a rediscovering and reconnecting process with ourselves; it's like to find out a new world around us, already present, but invisible because we were completely absorbed by tech devices; well, you understand it right? Reconnect and plugin again yourself to life.!

Going on a journey brings many psychological benefits. The intrinsic motivation of the traveler consists in the need to "slow down" and then share more load. This could be the phrase that encompasses the concept of the Digital Detox holiday.

Africa is considered to be one of the world's top destinations to "disconnect to reconnect" due to its remoteness and vast wilderness areas that have remained largely untouched for millennia. An African safari offers you the ultimate escape into nature, where you can break your tiring daily routine and get away from it all. Here time seems to have stopped and the days revolve around the natural rhythms of nature and animals without the need for electronic devices.

Our Digital wellbeing holidays allow you to break away from internet and the distraction of everyday social media. Escape to a place where tablets and smart phones are replaced by sunsets and wild animals. Our destinations are located in regions that the distraction of communication devices become entirely superfluous.

With our selection of luxury camps located in Africa's unspoiled nature, you are invited to disconnect, and truly relax, and immerse in the sights and sounds of the wildest Africa.

Offering unrivaled bespoke safaris in Namibia's most sought-after remote and wild areas these properties not only offer a complete break from the demands and distractions of everyday life, but are also the ideal location for much needed restoration and renovation, creating a sense of spiritual, emotional and physical harmony that allows you to truly connect with nature, while relieving the stress of modern life.

Currently we offer ideal itineraries for this experience:

We have also selected some of the best digital detox Lodges for you:

And finally we would like to present you an unprecedented journey that will take place in 2022!


Special edition "Digital Wellbeing" in collaboration
With Alessio Carciofi

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