Tok Tokkie & Etendeka walking trails

Tok Tokkie & Etendeka walking trails

Amongst the many walking activities Namibia has to offer the probably most rewarding hiking experience are the guided 3-days Tok-Tokkie Trail in the Namib Desert and the guided Etendeka Mountain Trail in the rugged mountain region of Damaraland.

Exploring the multitudinous facets of the Namib Desert on foot on the Tok-Tokkie Trail,

indulging in the silence of the sand dunes and the open plains, with only the wind whistling in your ears and the gentle crunching of the sand under your feet as the only noise you hear, is a soul-soothing experience. Sleeping cosily under the cupola of the African star-studded night sky gives you the unique sensation of an all-embracing universe.

The Etendeka Mountain Trail meanders through the geometric landscape at the foothills of the Grootberg Massif characterized by the rust coloured basalt formation of the Etendeka Terraces. This rocky mountain desert is home to the world’s last free-roaming hook-lipped or black rhino and the unique desert-adapted elephant. With a bit of luck you will be able to see both on this three- or four-day hiking trail, with both options on offer.

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